5 Goal Setting Secrets to Make Your Resolutions Your Reality


Happy New Year!

I hope you enjoyed your holiday season and your 2016 is off to a great start!

In honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. I wanted to write to you and ask about your dreams for 2016. I always love this time of year as most people are totally focused on manifesting their deepest dreams and desires.

There’s something magical about a New Year. It inspires us to start fresh with a clean slate to accomplish our dreams. Losing weight, eating healthier, exercising more often are typically among the top ten New Year’s Resolutions each year. I’m here to help!

In order to accomplish your health goals, there are some really great tips and tricks that work. As a Registered Dietitian and Health Coach, I’ve worked with over 5,000 clients on goal setting and behavior change to live the life they deserve and I’ve compiled my top 5 Goal Setting Secrets for you to start (and end) this year with success!

5 Goal Setting Secrets

1. Categorize your goals. There are several areas in your life that contribute to your health and happiness. It’s important to categorize the areas you’d like to tweak before you set goals. Think of all the areas of your life that you’d like to be better. It can range from areas like finances to travel to job satisfaction to health goals. Once you have all the categories written down, then start to reflect on where you are currently in these areas and where you’d like to be. For example, I currently don’t save any money each month. I‘d like to save $1,000/month in 2016, so by 2017 I will have $12,000 in savings.

2. Set SMART goals. Once you have your categories in place and your overarching goal for each category, then you create a SMART goal which stands for: Specific.Measurable.Attainable.Realistic.Timely For example, I will walk 3 days/week for 30 minutes for the next month.

3. Write your goals down. There is power in writing down your goals and looking at them daily. Be sure to place them in an area you can see and read them each day. When you commit your goals to paper, they become real. Try it and see how much more successful you are with accomplishing your goals this year!

4. Share your goals with an accountability partner. Do you have friends or family members trying to accomplish similar goals? Enlist the support of a buddy or hire a health coach to keep you accountable to your goals. Let’s face it, life can get in the way of you attaining your goals even if you have the best intentions. As your health coach, I would help you set SMART goals and review potential obstacles. We would devise a plan that’s realistic and works for your schedule so your goals are realistic and easy for you to stay on track.

5. Set an action plan. Talk is cheap. In order for you to actually make progress with your goals, there needs to be a plan of action. If you want to lose 100 pounds this year, you need to break this goal into smaller, more attainable goals. Think about it … which goal seems more likely to be accomplished?

  1. I will lose 100lbs by January 2017 … OR …
  2. I will lose 8-10lbs/month (2-3lbs/week) by eating more fruits and vegetables in place of junk food, drinking at least 64oz of water each day and walking 30 minutes at lunch 3 days/week which will result in 100 lb. weight loss by January 2017.


I hope you’ve enjoyed these tips and put them to practice. I’d love to hear what you are planning to accomplish this year. Please comment on my Facebook page or blog with your goals and dreams for 2016!

Cheers to living your best life!


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