Beat the Summer Bloat with a 10-Day Green Smoothie Challenge


Summer is a great time of year for reconnecting with friends, getting outside, and enjoying more sunlight, but it can also be a time for weight gain. There are plenty of opportunities for us to overindulge at BBQs, drink too many sugary cocktails and not get enough sleep. Whatever the reason, bloating can look and feel much worse in the hot summer months. Symptoms may include puffy face, swelling ...[Read More]

Green Smoothie Demo

Join fellow green smoothie enthusiast, Jess Pellicciotta, and I while we blend up some delicious green smoothies fresh from the Tower Garden! As a thank you for coming to our garden party, we will be giving away my Simple Green Smoothie e-Guide!

Don’t Focus on the Skinny. Focus on the Healthy.

Want to look and feel your best this summer? Learn powerful tools from the experts that really work! You will learn how to: – Lose Weight – Increase Energy – Reduce Cravings – Improve Sleep – Relax & Rebalance And feel GREAT in your body!Jessica Findeison Pellicciotta and I will be presenting together. We are both Registered Dietitans and are excited to share our ...[Read More]

Spring Clean Your Diet

Ready for a change? Join me at Time Zone for this free event to learn how to spring clean your diet with expert tips that work! I will share fun, simple and realistic wellness tips that will leave you feeling inspired and energized! **Green Smoothie Tasting Too!** Easy online sign up >> here <<.

7-Day Green Smoothie Challenge

Do you want more energy?             Do you want to lose weight? Do you want improved digestion and elimination? Do you want better sleep? Do you want less cravings for junk food? Do you want clearer skin? Do you want improved mental clarity?   The Challenge: Are you ready to drink one green smoothie each day (ideally as a breakfast replacement) for 7 days starting on March 16th? Sign up and ...[Read More]

Green Smoothie Challenge

Green Smoothie Challenge

Hello my little GREEN MACHINES!!! Here’s the deal: 7 days, AT LEAST 7 smoothies. You can choose to do more than one smoothie each day, but it’s up to you! This cleanse is all about facilitating the body’s natural healing process by adding more GREENS in the form of a green smoothie for breakfast everyday for 7 days! Are you up for the challenge??? Here’s WHY we are doing th ...[Read More]

Healthy Eating on the Go (Free Webinar)

Healthy Eating on the Go (Free Webinar)

“How Do I Eat Healthy On the Go?” Want to Learn? Quick and easy recipe ideas that will make your mouth water How simple it is to make good food …FAST Healthy snacks ideas MY FAVORITE BREAKFAST EVER!!! Join me as I share the secrets I’ve learned – from working with over 5000 busy people – on how simple it is to eat healthy on the go. Let me empower and inspire you in this interactive webinar. ...[Read More]