I’ve never shared this before…

I’ve never shared this before…

It is a time for giving thanks so I wanted to write and thank you for your patience as I have taken some time off from writing to focus on my new full time role as a mommy. As I start back to work, my plan is to continue coaching an exclusive number of clients as well as starting some new virtual offerings. I am excited to pilot some online cleanses and healthy living challenges in the new year. T ...[Read More]

5 Goal Setting Secrets to Make Your Resolutions Your Reality


Happy New Year! I hope you enjoyed your holiday season and your 2016 is off to a great start! In honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. I wanted to write to you and ask about your dreams for 2016. I always love this time of year as most people are totally focused on manifesting their deepest dreams and desires. There’s something magical about a New Year. It inspires us to start fresh with a clean slate ...[Read More]

5 Helpful Tips on Navigating the Holiday Season (BONUS 25 Clean Holiday Recipes)


It’s that time of year again. The feasting season is upon us. All the sweet treats and holiday goodies are tempting us at the stores, at work, at holiday parties and even in our own homes! My clients and I have been developing specific plans that are realistic and fun to tackle this holiday season. I’d be happy to help you as well. Keep in mind that for many of you, your insurance benefits for nut ...[Read More]

BEWARE: Some Spooky Things Are Happening to Me!

Happy Halloween! For those of you who don’t know, I’m pregnant! Our little pumpkin is due to arrive at the end of March 2016. Pregnancy, childbirth and FOOD have been consuming my thoughts and body recently, so I thought why not share some of my experiences with you. You may be experiencing some cravings due to the weather getting colder and can benefit from some of my tips below whether you are p ...[Read More]