Coffee: Friend or Foe?


So, this morning I woke up to breakfast in bed. 🙂

Yes, I am super spoiled by my ahhmazing husband who loves to get up before me and make us breakfast. (I’m really good at sleeping. “Waaay too good,” he says.)

After enjoying my breakfast, it was time to walk John Paul down to the ferry, which has become one of my favorite rituals here. Each morning, I walk him to the ferry and each night, I am there waiting as he gets off the ferry and we walk back to our bungalow together.

But, this morning, we were late. It seemed like he would miss the ferry, so we looked up the times for the bus and since we had about 20 extra minutes, I said, “Let’s go grab coffee”. (Usually, we make it or I will have tea during the week, but since I had a few extra minutes with my love, it felt like the weekend, so thought we should celebrate!)

Well, we didn’t have time for that either, so I just stopped for some on my way back. It was DELICIOUS!!! I love the taste of coffee, but try not to become dependent on it. Today’s was really strong, the way we normally like it, but some leave me with more buzz than others. Today was a SERIOUS BUZZ.

I had about ½ cup and needed to stop. I drank a few glasses of water to try to dilute the caffeine in my bloodstream, but it wasn’t helping. I felt very anxious and unfocused. I felt disconnected and dizzy. It was very uncomfortable.

I walked down to a noon yoga class and it wasn’t until half way through the class when I started to become calmer and more centered.

What kept coming up for me was just go with the green, not the caffeine. When I drink my green smoothies, I feel so energized, clean and focused. The exhaust is much smoother in my system and I feel a lot better afterwards. My skin feels less chapped and I don’t get the crazy blood sugar swings I get with coffee. You know when you feel full, then in a few hours you’re ready to eat anything that’s not nailed down? Yea, those swings.

I’m not knocking coffee, but simply encouraging you to listen to how it makes you feel. Everyone is different and listening to how your body responds to coffee is important.

There are a lot of benefits to coffee, but there are also some things you don’t want from coffee. As like most things, I say, find a balance that works for you. And find a blend that works for you. There are some that are less acidic than others, more bold in flavor, more jitters, etc. Could you go without it for a week or do you need it daily?

It wasn’t until a few years ago that I transitioned off coffee. I didn’t drink it for a few months, but now I drink it on weekends or when I am in the mood for it.

I hear you asking, “But what about the headaches?”

Yes, I had some, but there’s a healthy way to transition off caffeine.

Start hydrating your body regularly.

When you wake up, drink at least 32oz of water and finish half your body weight in fluid ounces before the day is over. (For example, a 300lb person needs 150oz. of water each day). If drinking water on an empty stomach makes you queezy, then try warm water with lemon. This is very alkalizing and your body will appreciate you giving it what it needs first thing in the morning.

Eat clean.

After drinking at least 32oz of water in the morning, I take my juice plus+ and drink my green smoothie. Just water, greens and fruit. That’s the best way for me to start my day. It’s light, it’s clean and it’s quick.

Try more subtle forms of caffeine to transition off gently.

Black tea, green tea, yerba mate, green tea matcha.

Sweat and rest daily.

Your body is trying to detox, that’s why you have the headaches, so to help the process along, tune into your body’s natural detoxing systems. Sweating can excrete toxins through the skin allowing your skin to glow and your body to feel cleaner and free-er.

Resting or getting proper sleep is another way your body naturally detoxifies each day. Lay down if you feel tired, and rest. You can also try drinking camomile tea about 1 hour before bedtime. I also try to dim lights and allow for natural melatonin production to occur prior to falling asleep. We go go go all day long, and our energy is usually very tense and static at the end of the day which creates a lot of friction around sleep. If this is a trouble spot for you, check out my “How to Sleep Peacefully” checklist.

How does your body feel with coffee? Is it your friend or foe?

I hope this post inspires you feel better, more rested and less anxious.

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