Eating Clean on a Budget


Eating CLEAN means something different to everyone and it can get expensive. Some great, budget-friendly ideas I’ve heard from clients over the years have been extremely creative. I’d love to share some of the top ideas with you.

Here are some helpful solutions that we found:

1. Eat vegan until dinner.

Animal proteins are more expensive when choosing organic/grass fed and much more toxic if not organic, so just avoid it and eat less of it. At dinner, eat half of the animal protein you would normally eat and fill up on the fiber rich veggies (especially greens). Saves $$ and calories!

2. Shop in season.

Buying organic berries in January is gonna cost you! Don’t do it. When you want to eat out of season, shop for organic frozen fruits and veggies. They are frozen at peak ripeness and are the next best after fresh.

3. Fill up on fats, fiber and fluid.

Fats? Yes, healthy fats like avocado, chia, flax and pumpkin seeds, nuts, and nut butters. Fiber comes from plant foods like whole grains like brown rice and quinoa, fruits and veggies, lentils and legumes. Fill up on small portions and single servings to eat less, stay energized and save money.

Most people I coach are chronically dehydrated. Drink half your body weight in fluid ounces each day of plain, filtered water. Water is an excellent appetite suppressant and will give you CLEAN energy when you feel tired. Save $ on the caffeine and stick to simple H2O.

4. Can the carbs.

Although they are inexpensive ways to fill up, they are also going to make you more hungry. Choose whole, nutrient dense foods for your meals and snacks and you will need less of them which will save you money. Eat God-Made food, not Man-Made food.

5. Go green!

Drink a green smoothie each morning for breakfast. Use fresh, organic greens in season, fresh or frozen fruit and water. Blend it all up and enjoy! This will start your day off the right way by hydrating you and sending a cascade of nutrition through your body giving you optimal energy.

6. Plant your produce.

Use potted plants if you are in a small space or the Tower Garden for fresh produce in urban settings. Save money, energy and time by growing your own foods.

7. Eat Juice Plus+ everyday.

If your budget is super tight and you are not able to eat all the produce you need each day (about 10 servings/day) then bridge the gap with Juice Plus+. Whole food nutrition in capsule form that is affordable and convenient for everyone. Less than $3/day for 25 fruits, veggies, and berries. And kids are Free! This is a great way to get peace of mind that you are staying nutritionally fit on a budget.

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