How to Manage Change and Stay Healthy [+ LIVE EVENT in West Chester, PA]

May was a crazy month for the Manteys. We were traveling quite a bit as mentioned in my last blog post. And, John Paul was recruited by Microsoft to help with their culture and change initiatives which meant we would have to move to Seattle, Washington. We talked it over and said, “Lets do it!”

Once we decided, everything happened pretty quickly. It was obviously a bittersweet move since we LOVE California and cherish the relationships and memories we made this past year, but John Paul and I always agree that when opportunities present themselves which are aligned with our goals, dreams and values, we say, YES!

So we are officially moved out of our Sausalito bungalow and moved into a beautiful town home in Kirkland, WA, home of the first Costco. You may have noticed Costco’s store brand label is named Kirkland since it started here. The first store is actually right around the corner from where we live now, which is great! Lots of organic options to choose from which we love.

We are settling into our new life and the question of balance has come up often the last few weeks, specifically how to stay healthy during so much transition. Our move from Sausalito to Seattle was fast and furious and as a result, I’ve come up with some guidelines for staying grounded, balanced and joyful during major changes in life. This is the holistic part of holistic health coaching because it’s not just about food!

Here’s my prescription for dealing with change and staying well:

1. Be honest about your needs. What is it that you need deep down to feel better? Check in with yourself at least 3 times each day (morning, noon and night). Do you need a massage, a hug, some water, a nap and/or a healthy meal? Whatever it is for you, DO IT, that’s your responsibility. You deserve to feel good all the time, so develop a relationship with your intuition and ask what do you need… see what happens.quote

2. Take a walk by yourself. Too much to do? Don’t have enough time in the day? If you feel this way, then it’s even MORE important for you to get out in nature and take some time for you. Being outside is so helpful for me when I feel like I’m going 100 miles/hour. Taking a walk slows me down, allows me to be more present, breathe deeper and just experience life vs controlling it.

3. Schedule time to DO NOTHING. Prioritize what you have to get done and set realistic time frames, but also schedule days to do nothing. Sleep in, watch a movie, treat yourself to a massage, give yourself permission to lay in the hammock all day with a good book and a cup of tea. Taking days for mental health is so important for you to stay healthy and will help you be way more productive in the long run.

4. Surround yourself with support. During these transitions from Philly to San Francisco to Seattle, I called my family at least once, sometimes twice, per day. They were the normalcy among all the chaos that was happening in my life. I would check in, listen to how their days went, tell them what was on my mind, have a good laugh (or cry), they’d help me put everything in perspective and I’d feel better after we hung up. Who in your life is always there for you, can tell you how it is without judgment and is totally focused on your well being? Stay connected to these people, we can’t do it all on our own.

**Very important note: Once you are settled into your new normal, write your support people a handwritten thank you note and explain how their support in your life made you feel. This simple exercise can have profound effects on you as well as the recipient.**

5. Count your blessings everyday. With all the change that’s happened recently, it’s so important to me (and John Paul) to journal, meditate, practice yoga and gratitude since there’s SO much stimulus and novelty that creating space to just BE, reflect and receive all the abundance has become a priority in order to stay centered, balanced and still. Before we fall asleep each night, we ask each other, “What are 3 things you were thankful for today?” It’s an awesome way to end the day and it’s been studied in the field of Positive Psychology to have emotional benefits.

I hope these tips help to inspire you when you’re going through a big change in life. Please comment on my Facebook page and let me know how you stay balanced during a big life transition. I’d love to hear tips that have worked for you.

Much love,

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