I’ve never shared this before…

I’ve never shared this before…

It is a time for giving thanks so I wanted to write and thank you for your patience as I have taken some time off from writing to focus on my new full time role as a mommy. As I start back to work, my plan is to continue coaching an exclusive number of clients as well as starting some new virtual offerings. I am excited to pilot some online cleanses and healthy living challenges in the new year. These will help motivate and inspire you to eat clean and feel well. Stay tuned for details!

This year has been overwhelmingly joyous for me, personally. John Paul and I welcomed our beautiful son, Damon Michael to the world on April 10th. He has been a tremendous light in our lives and we continue to fall deeper in love with him each day.

During my pregnancy and now that Damon is here, he has communicated and taught me so much without ever saying anything. His presence is powerful, playful, and loving. He has taught me that the little things I typically didn’t think were “blessings” have now become things I deeply appreciate. Being that it is Thanksgiving, I thought I’d share some of these beautiful, yet intimate lessons with you:

10 fingers, 10 toes
There is so much unknown during pregnancy and parenthood, it is an incredibly vulnerable journey. We hoped and prayed for Damon to be growing well in my belly and that our birth process be uneventful. At the end of the day, our prayer was for a healthy mom and healthy baby. We feel extremely blessed for our health in a whole new, deeper way this year. Damon has taught us how beautiful and sacred new life is and to respect the intelligence and the wisdom of the human body.

Skin to skin
We learned a lot about the benefits of skin to skin contact for a newborn baby in our birth classes. Damon has reminded us how important human touch and loving connection is to the people we care about most in this world. It’s a beautiful non verbal way of showing how much we love and care about them.

While I was pregnant, John Paul and I would eagerly wait for the midwives to listen for Damon’s heartbeat at our appointments. It was a way of learning about him. A friend told me, “Isn’t it cool that he’s the only person that has heard your heartbeat from the inside?” We have a renewed appreciation for how soothing it is to feel and hear a loved one’s heartbeat. Damon reminds us of how important it is to hug and hold each other (heart to heart) each day so we can synchronize our heartbeats and feel united in love and gratitude.

Spontaneous smiles and giggles
It is my duty to figure out new ways to make Damon laugh each day since his smile and giggle light up my world. My heart melts when I see this boy giggle or when I catch him smiling at me. He (and his daddy) continuously remind me how much better life is when we are playful.

Wonder and Awe
Damon has taught me so much about treating each day as an incredible gift. He has this excited look each morning when he gets up as if he’s saying, “I’m so happy to be alive!” His eyes are filled with curiosity and joy. It’s truly amazing to witness. If only we all could look at the world with fresh eyes each day and feel the immense love that surrounds us. Why did I share all this personal stuff? Well, my intention is to inspire you to take a closer look at what you’re grateful for in your own life. If you’re feeling blah or bored with life as we head into the holiday season, this is an opportunity for you to “lift and shift” your perspective.

The Harvard Health newsletter reports, “In positive psychology research, gratitude is strongly and consistently associated with greater happiness. Gratitude helps people feel more positive emotions, relish good experiences, improve their health, deal with adversity, and build strong relationships.”

Wishing you all a Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving,


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