My 7 Healthy Travel Tips.

The last few months have been a whirlwind of travel for John Paul and me. We have been traveling almost every week, which has been a BLAST, but frequent travel has the potential to derail us from our healthy lifestyle. With summer vacations right around the corner, I wanted to share with you some tricks that help keep us feeling healthy and energized while we are traveling.

1. Stay Hydrated. Your first line of defense to ensure you don’t over-indulge when traveling is to be well hydrated. I always pack a reusable water bottle to fill up on my travels. I take advantage of the hotel fitness center’s water cooler to refill my water bottle. We also buy a gallon of water for our hotel room. Many cafe, coffee shops and restaurants have refill programs where they will refill your water bottle if you ask.

Travel Foods2. Pack your own food. Whenever possible, bring your own food with you to help avoid (unhealthy) impulsive decisions out of hunger or low blood sugar. I like to pack organic instant oatmeal, my favorite organic teas, KIND bars, individual trail mix packets and my Juice Plus+ complete shake mix. I’ve also been packing cinnamon too which I love to add to my smoothies and oatmeal.

3. Go vegan in airports. Let’s face it, sometimes packing your own food just isn’t do-able. Stick to plant based foods in airports. Steer clear of meats and dairy, which typically very low quality and full of toxins. The best thing to do is eat a clean, healthy and well balanced meal before going to the airport so that way you won’t need to rely on airport food. My go-to airport food is green juices/smoothies, salads, nuts, guacamole and substitute carrots for the chips.

4. Yelp! and Happy Cow. These are two great resources for you to use when eating away from home. Yelp is a review based application which is soooo helpful when we are traveling. I Yelp ‘organic’ in the search bar so restaurants that offer organic options populate. I always check out the menu before so I know what I’m ordering before I get too hungry. Remember, low blood sugar means little will power. Happy Cow is a free online vegetarian restaurant guide, sorted by country and region, providing vegetarian and vegan restaurant dining and health food store locations. Both are super handy when visiting cities unfamiliar to you.

5. Tap into your intuition. Only eat when you’re hungry. This is a big one! Most portion sizes in restaurants are much bigger than what we need to eat, so eating a meal out whether it’s breakfast or lunch may fill you for most of the day. Supper is a ‘supplemental’ meal. So if you feel satisfied and don’t need more fuel, that’s ok. Get to bed earlier and wake up feeling light and ready for the day!

6. Track your steps. It’s not always possible to sneak in a workout on vacation, but tracking yoChrista & JPur steps can help you stay active while you’re having fun! Wear a pedometer and aim for 10,000 steps each day (5 miles).

7. “Don’t drink to get drunk, drink to enjoy life.” Jack Kerouac’s quote here hits the mark for me. I love a glass of wine, just like most of you. I want to enjoy my travels and have some indulgence, but with limits. Staying hydrating and eating protein will help balance blood sugar when having alcohol.

I hope you’ve found these tips helpful, please leave a comment on my Facebook page and let me know some of your healthy travel tips! I look forward to hearing from you.

Wishing you and your families fun-filled, safe, healthy and happy vacations this summer!

Lots of love,


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