“I do have you to thank for being a catalyst for change in my life.  I am going to (and getting paid) decorate my friends apartment, I am sewing for a custom interiors company in Wayne, and I had a fabulous time doing homestaging. I never would have asked about the sewing job or shadowing a home stager if not for you.  My friend asked me to help her w/ decorating 2 yrs ago and I never acted on it. She asked me again 2 weeks ago and I said yes. I’m not sure why I’ve waited to pursue my passion other than fear but that is changing!”  – SC Malvern, PA

You are truly a breath of fresh air and I find our meetings so informative, uplifting, hopeful and inspirational for me.  Your words stay with me and have had a very positiive impact on me. I think that saying about teaching an old dog new tricks is wrong…I’m learning and seeing progress- baby steps but I’m certainly in a better place where I was before I had the pleasure of meeting you and looking forward to eating healthier, feeling better and more positive about myself. Can’t begin to find the words to thank you properly….”  – BP, Audubon, PA

“After years of torturing my body at boot camps and still trying to squeeze into my skinny jeans, I decided to ask for help. Christa Mantey helped me discover how eating healthy can lead to happiness in other areas of my life. I started seeing Christa in late May and by early September I had lost ten pounds but more importantly I was happy for the first time in a long time. Christa explained how fruits and vegetables benefit our bodies and are our greatest “medications”. Christa educated me about organic vs. non- organic and how to examine and understand ingredients and labels on food products. She instilled tools to get back on track when I do have those diet slip-ups. Christa goes above and beyond to help her clients meet their goals. Christa’s passion for nutrition shines through her radiant smile and becomes contagious when you meet with her. Christa helped me gain control of my weight and my happiness. Christa immediately makes you feel comfortable and her valuable advice will transform your relationship with food. Working with Christa has brought balance in my life and I am eternally grateful to her for that.”                  – MAM, Springfield, PA

“I want to thank you for all of our help. I can never thank you enough and I truly mean that. I feel like a new person. I AM a new person! I still can’t believe how much better I feel both physically and emotionally in just three short months: the increased energy, the quicker recovery after workouts, the overall more positive attitude. I never never never thought I would actually be able to maintain a healthy eating lifestyle for more than, oh, maybe two or three days; now I know I can do it for the rest of my life. It’s a fundamental change in how I think, feel and behave, who I am as a person. I would not have been able to do it without you. You listened to me and provided effective ideas that made sense for me. You focused on me as a person, not just calories eaten vs calories burned. But it was also your energy and enthusiasm. I really enjoyed sitting and talking with you, and was always very excited to bring you good news of goals accomplished! I would recommend you to anyone without hesitation!

• I lost 25 pounds in three months. I lost it in a very steady, healthy manner and never counted a calorie

•  My energy increased considerably. I used to take naps on the weekends, run out of energy after lunch at work, and be wiped out after workouts. Within a month there was definitive change in my energy levels. I actually became very bored sometimes because my normal routine of how much I would do and how much I napped changed so much. I had to adjust my expectation of how much I could accomplish in a day, which of course was great, because I could do more and feel better doing it!

• My cravings for junk food decreased significantly. I don’t need nearly as much will power to avoid eating unhealthy foods (and they are available every day at work). I was rarely able to walk past a chocolate chip cookie or kit kat without having one or two (or five), now I am able to resist and can enjoy them occasionally when I choose to.

• My palate has expanded significantly. I truly enjoy green smoothies and now eat a much wider variety of fruits and vegetables, as well as nut butters, grains and other healthy foods

• I feel much better physically and emotionally. I am happier and more self-confident. I am in much better shape and am not embarrassed to take my shirt off at the beach. I was working out somewhat regularly, but now have more energy to work out basically every day and sometimes twice a day. It was actually an odd feeling to finish what I expected to be a “hard” workout and feel like I hadn’t done enough. Again, I had improved so much I had to adjust my expectations

Thank you again and again and again!”  – NC, Philadelphia, PA


I’m so grateful for all your help. I feel much healthier now and know my daughters will be eating much better now, too, with everything I have learned from you.”           –  LM, Glen Mills, PA