Should I Count My Calories?


I get this question all the time and it’s a great one!

Let me start by saying, everyone is very different in what works for them.

For me, my life changed for the better when I stopped counting calories. It was at Canyon Ranch, when I heard the nutritionist say to the class,

“Understand that your calories count, but don’t count them.”

Voila! What a beautiful way to say what I’ve always felt!

Counting my calories always seem to rip the joy out of eating for me. It made me feel guilty and breaded a negative association with food. When I thought about the line, “Understand that calories count,” this made me feel so much better since it was more about portion control than restriction of food. Ever since, this has been my way of eating and coaching.

However, I will say that for some, keeping track of their caloric intake is extremely beneficial and very eye-opening for multiple reasons. Most of us totally underestimate the amount of food we are actually eating.

So, for those of you who love tracking your intake, I would suggest only doing it for a short period of time (3-7 days).

Then, ask the question, “What is the intention around counting calories?” Bringing a level of mindfulness to your decision making can make all the difference.

So I’d love to hear from you, what works best for you?

Do you count your calories or do you focus on portion control and listen more to your body?

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  1. This is such a fabulous post!!
    I monitor my caloric intake when I feel like I need a reboot, ie after the holidays or a long weekend of eating. This gets me back in the practice of listening to my body and managing my portions.


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