Simply Sautéed Brussels Sprouts

Brussels sprouts have been making headway on a lot of trendy restaurant menus and it’s for good reason! They are delicious and nutritious and can be cooked in numerous ways! You can roast, sauté, boil, steam, grill or stir-fry them. My favorites are roasted and sautéed. Here I’ve included a simple recipe to help you familiarize yourself with how delicious these little green nuggets can taste and so simple to prepare!

Brussels Sprouts


1 bunch of Brussels sprouts
1/4 cup of oil (coconut or olive)
Sea salt and pepper to taste


On low to medium heat, add oil to an iron skillet or pan. Then, add the Brussels sprouts and cook until tender. Add sea salt and pepper to taste. Enjoy as a snack, side dish, on salad or as a meal!

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