5 Helpful Tips on Navigating the Holiday Season (BONUS 25 Clean Holiday Recipes)


It’s that time of year again. The feasting season is upon us. All the sweet treats and holiday goodies are tempting us at the stores, at work, at holiday parties and even in our own homes! My clients and I have been developing specific plans that are realistic and fun to tackle this holiday season. I’d be happy to help you as well. Keep in mind that for many of you, your insurance benefits for nut ...[Read More]

An easy way to increase your dark leafy greens

Greens are the most under-consumed food in America. Green smoothies are an excellent way to increase your consumption of dark leafy greens which provide us with numerous health benefits. Greens gently cleanse our blood and liver and add oxygen to our system giving us more energy. As a result of adding more greens to your diet, you will notice your body start to crave more and more greens. HereR ...[Read More]